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iSR'obot Mona Lisa is a robotic transperineal prostate biopsy system with MRI-ultrasound fusion
True Navigational System

Robotic Needle Positioning and Depth Control

Based  on the custom biopsy plan created, the robotic system guides the needle positioning and depth. This allows the planned cores to be collected with ease and accuracy, even at the apex, anterior and peripheral areas.

Prevent Prostate Deformation

Ultrasound Probe Sheath

Housed in the specially designed probe sheath, the ultrasound probe moves and scans unobstructed. The probe sheath prevents prostate deformation and provides valuable stabilisation

Only Two Puncture Points

Innovative Dual Cone Approach

Mona Lisa’s transperineal dual cone approach creates a virtual pivot point ensuring multiple needle entry through the same channel. This approach is designed to minimise pubic arch interference and enable complete prostate coverage.


MRI-Ultrasound Fusion

MRI scan is fused with real-time ultrasound, providing 3D visualisation and enabling targeting of the region of interest.

Automated Flexible Biopsy Planning

Mix and match from three biopsy plan options, allowing creation of custom biopsy plan.

Motion Compensation

Accommodate for patient's prostate movements during procedure with fine adjustments of up to 0.2mm precision.

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Regulatory Approvals and Certification

  • US FDA 510k
  • CE Mark
  • Australia TGA
  • Singapore HSA
  • Malaysia MDA
  • Indonesia AKL
  • EN ISO 13485:2016

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